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Top 5 Tips to make your living room stand out in design

Designing living rooms may become difficult at times. There are a lot of selections that a homeowner is required to make. It starts with choosing the right color scheme. Thereafter, one finalizes on the budget that one deems suitable for spending over the living room.

One is likely to spend the major section of the day in the living room. So it is preferable to ensure that the living space looks its best. Designing the living room right is an art and there is a range of options at one’s disposal for going ahead with the same. You could consult the best interior designers in Chennai for the same. Let us take a look at five of the topmost among them:

  1. False Ceiling

Covering the ceiling, once, merely signified intent to cover up the cracks and wires. But nowadays, false ceilings are used to accentuate the aesthetic features of living space. Typically, a homeowner would have a range of options at his disposal for accomplishing the same. 

False ceilings now come by as a must for fashionable houses. A homeowner may have a choice at giving a canopy finishing to the ceiling, such that it radiates with a rustic charm. Then one has a choice at varying the lighting. One may go for decorative lighting or cascading panels for the ceiling. Alternately, one may decorate the ceiling nicely using wooden panels. A chandelier is a classic decorative arrangement for living spaces with a high ceiling.

  • Add plants

Decorating the living room with plants is an excellent idea. But one has to gauge their utility for the living room and then go ahead with the project. This ensures that plants enhance the aesthetic value of a living environment. 

A living room must come by as a reflection of the family members’ personalities. Hence an aesthetic appearance for a living room is a must, and there is no better way to go about it than by adding plants. 

Interior designers in Chennai for small houses believe that plants have a knack of adding an element of spaciousness to a living room. The place gets a vibrant appearance. For instance, one can add in Bonsai trees within the living room. While they do not consume much space, they look nice and pleasing. Plants like Triangle Ficus or Norfolk Island pine can be kept towards the corner of a living room.

  • Combine classical and modern trends

Fusion indoor décor works well in each of the cases and one has to figure out how to go about with the idea in the finest of ways. Just as an instance, one could use a vintage wooden trunk as a coffee table.

  • Go for simple add-ins

Some basic and budget-friendly ideas can work wonders for the living room. One may invest in some new throw pillows, a basic central rug or a fresh painting for a living space. The detailing can have a significant impact on the look and feel of the living space.

  • Paint the living room in a new color

A fresh color scheme is probably the finest way to refurbish a living room. A homeowner has a range of shades to choose from. A tangy orange can infuse a fresh look for the living environment. Lighter shades of mustard work nicely as well, as per the best interior designers in Chennai.

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