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Interior design trends 2020

Interior design trends change by the year and by the season. Each season comes with some new shades and style trends that become the in-thing by default and make a home look fashionable. They are the common choice for the top 10 interior designers in Chennai

Let us take a look at the most trending among styles for the year. The styles are combined with tips, with which the trending styles deliver the best presentation for your home:

  1. Larger plants

Plants incessantly find a way to decorate home interiors. For the year, larger plants are going to look fascinating within homes and accentuate homes’ décor scheme. A homeowner characteristically has a range of choices at disposal for decorating home interiors with plants. Bird’s nest ferns, rubber tree, palm tree make a fine choice for rendering an exquisite look for a home’s interiors. They make fine options to maintain on either side of a sofa. The larger they are – the finer appearance they promote.

It is, however, preferable to figure out how much sunlight and water plants require and act accordingly. One has a choice at leaving the plant in the sunlight for a couple of hours in a day or using it to decorate the balcony. Alternately, the plants can be placed in a part of the living room that gets some sunlight.

  • Paint the ceilings

Ceilings are sometimes the most ignored section of a home, but the Pixellead Interiors the best interior designers in Chennai recommends otherwise. One has a plethora of fine options to keep the ceiling’s presentation top-notch. Exceptional paint colors, molding and wallpaper are a few of the top among the same. 

  • Multifunctional spaces

Multifunctional spaces are making rounds for the season. They are the in thing, not just for smaller spaces but for larger homes as well. 

If one uses a Murphy bed or a bed which folds up into a wall, it could be an excellent space-saving arrangement. Alternately, one could go for a bed that folds up to become a couch, also known as a pullout sofa. This allows one to transform a living room into a bedroom at will. One makes the best possible use of living space and can instantaneously create a guest bedroom. Another option available is going for an ottoman sofa or an ottoman bed, for some additional storage space. Multifunctional furniture accounts for easier living.

  • Multi-colored living spaces

Multi-colored living spaces come by as among the top fashion trends for homes and offices, as per the best interior designers in Chennai. Shades of red, navy and orange work nicely for homes, but are best complimented by calmer hues such as grays and whites. 

It is then a fine idea to use a unique shade sparingly. It may be used as an accent, or over a small area, such that it creates a statement.  A few of the other basic ways to add style to a living space include adding a patterned tile for the kitchen backsplash. Using colors from the terra cotta palette also finds the preference of a large number of homeowners for the season, Pixellead Interiors the best interior designers in Chennai recommend.

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