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Interior design for small apartments and houses

Smaller homes withhold the potential within them to turn out to be exquisite living spaces. Downsizing is just one of the ways to make a small room have a larger appearance. This may come in the format of going for furniture which is smaller in size. Similarly, going for fewer furniture items is an important implement. This accentuates the calmness and serenity of the living environment. 

Interior design for small apartments and houses is among the key interest areas of Pixellead interiors the best interior designers in Chennai for small houses. Let us take at a few of the top ways to go about the same:

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are among the top ways to create an illusion of additional space within a smaller room or a nook. They may be placed right opposite a window. 

Mirrors come in a range of shapes and sizes, a few with classy frames. One may choose to place a large retro-styled frame in the hallway.

  • Go for lighter shades

Walls painted in darker colors sometimes give the impression of converging on one. This is one of the top reasons why walls painted white are frequently in high demand. Walls painted in lighter shades render a brighter and spacious appearance a smaller space such as a kitchen. 

  • Furniture with slender legs

When the furniture has slender legs, it renders the capacity to see more flooring and creates more spaciousness for a room. Similarly, it is a fine idea to not keep the furniture right next to a wall. Keeping it slightly away accentuates the spaciousness of a living environment.

  • Custom furniture

Custom furniture lends a unique aura to a smaller space. It is hence a fine idea to go for the furniture items made to order. Things become easier to store and make the storage space tidier. Similarly, one can put every nook and corner of a room to the best possible utilization. 

Different implements come good for separate living spaces. As an example, for the kids’ room, one can go for nice and cozy bunk beds. One may go for shelving alcoves to easily accommodate the stuff. This is frequently recommended by interior designers in Chennai for small houses.

  • Fold-out furniture

One may choose to go out fold-out furniture for the living environment. This can be folded and put aside when not in use. As the foldout furniture does not take up any floor space, it makes the place seem spacious.

  • Coffee tables made using

Going for transparent furniture renders an aura of spaciousness for the living environment. Alternately brass or wrought iron furniture items work nicely for small spaces.

  • Wall hung tables and lamps

Wall hung tables do not take up any additional storage space. They can be easily extended out when they need to be used. Similarly, lamps suspended by walls light up the room with a soft glow. They free the storage space for storing a lamp.  By hanging plants or veins from the ceiling, one can have lush greenery inside a home without any expenditure of additional space. Interior designers in Chennai for small houses frequently recommend the same.

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