Top 5 Tips to make your living room stand out in design

Designing living rooms may become difficult at times. There are a lot of selections that a homeowner is required to make. It starts with choosing the right color scheme. Thereafter, one finalizes on the budget that one deems suitable for spending over the living room. One is likely to spend the major section of the […]

Why a modular kitchen is essential for a modern day home

There are cases wherein kitchens come with some sort of space constraints. The trend has been popularized since the advent of condominiums in India. Storerooms are difficult to accommodate in the kitchens because of space constraints. Alternately modular kitchens bring in such functionality that the requirement for having separate storerooms is done away with. Modular […]

How Adding Plants in your interior design will make your home more beautiful

In many cases, making plants a part of the interior décor scheme is a fine idea. But, one must take care that the plants mingle in perfectly with the interior designs. Similarly, plant-pots can also be chosen based upon a home’s décor scheme. Plants work well for our health Plants in the interiors reflect over […]

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